Molokai Outdoors

Car Rental Fleet

Locally owned and operated for 21 years

We have compacts to trucks, SUV's and 15 passenger vans

Clare Mawae and Hawaiiloa Mowat- Owners
Molokai Outdoors

2019 Ford F150 xtra cab

Locally owned car rental company

2019 Ford F150 4wd with extended cab. Can seat 6 person. Perfect for the hunting fishing, surfing, paddling getaway truck. The truck comes with racks so you are all set to go!

2019 Ford Ranger extended cab

Locally owned car rental company

2019 Ford Ranger can seat 4 persons. Perfect vehicle for the getaway. Comes with racks.

2018 Dodge Durango

Locally owned car rental company

The AWD Durango can seat 7 persons and is a sweet ride. Fully loaded, luxery seating and also comes with racks for the surfboards, SUPs and kayaks.

2019 Ford Escapes

Locally owned car rental company

We have several ford escapes and theyare a crossover compact SUv. They seat 5 persons and plenty of room for luggage. A perfect car for Molokai

2019 Stick shift Ford Fiesta

Locally Owned car rental company

This is a fun little car to drive. It can seat 5 persons and if you can drive stick shift, this is the car if you are looking for a little fun car to drive.

2009 Nissan Quest

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The Nissan Quest is one of our older models and will get you from A-B. The van will seat 7 persons.

15 pax 2001 and 2008 Chevy Vans

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We only rent this van out for part of the year. We do not rent these vans during paddling events and abolutley no dirt roads!

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