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Authentic and the old Hawaii

We are not you typical destination but you will find authenticity and warmth from the people of Molokai as long as you respect our island. We have had many amazing visitors and we hope you will feel blessed when coming to Molokai.

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About Molokai

About Molokai - Data Location - In the heart of the Hawaiian Islands. 26 (42km)miles southeast of Oahu and 8 (13km) Miles west of Maui with Lanai 10 (16km) miles directly south. Size - 261 square miles (676 square kilometers) About 37 miles long (60 km) and 10 (16km) miles wide. Shape - Three seperate volcanoes created the island. Kamakou, in the east is the tallest with a peak elevation of 4970 feet (1813 meters). Maunaloa in the west rises to only 1381 feet (503 meters). A third, smaller volcano created the kalaupapa peninsula on the north shore. Population - About 8000. The majority live in Kaunakakai, the largest town, which is located on the south shore about in the middle of the island. Ethnicity - 45% Hawaiian or Hawaiian ancestry. 25% Filipino. 30% everyone else including Chinese, Japanese, Caucasian, Black, Samoan, Tongan and others.

Weather and Climate

About Molokai - Weather & Climate Molokai weather is wonderful year round, with temperatures averaging about 75°F and rarely going 6 or 7 degrees above or below.. In winter (Dec. thru Mar.), the night time temeratures may drop to the lower 60s and you're more likely to experience a rainy day. Spring, summer and fall are all very similar with warm days (up to 85°F) cooled by the trade winds and pleasant evenings in the mid to lower 70s. However, on those days when the trade winds are calm, the heat and humidity will both rise a notch or two. Here's some climate data taken at the Molokai Airport. Located at about 21.15°N 157.10°W. Elevation about 449 feet/137m above sea level. Measurements are the prior 25 year averages.