Molokai Outdoors

Island Day Tours

Let our local guides show you Molokai

Take one of our day guided tours. We have several options from a full driving tour to hike and kayak/SUP options - WE ARE ONLY DOING PRIVATE TOURS

Molokai Island Tour - PRIVATE ONLY

Fly in for the day or we can pick you up on Molokai.

Tour starts at 9:00am and finishes 4:30pm.

Private Charters

We are on yout time, so where do you want to go?


East end Cultural Tour

Explore the East of Molokai with a hike to the waterfalls.

Kayak and Island Tour Combo

Fun for the families that want to break up the drive and see Molokai from the ocean

Call us to make this happen 1-808-633-8700 or email

MOA direct number for any questions is 1-808-633-8700 or email us at

Please leave a message if we do not answer. It only means we are out and about serving our customers.