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Anapuka Dune & Cultural Site Tour

Quick Details


Take a guided walk tour at the 100-acre protected Anapuka Dune Restoration Site and Mokio Preserve in Molokai!

Make this visit the one where you leave the beautiful island of Moloka’i knowing that you contributed to protect the natural landscapes of the island. We are excited to take guests to a place that very few have the privilege to see.

Your guide will take you to the Mokio Preserve to learn about the unique ecosystems and historic cultural sites associated with this remote and spectacular part of Molokai. Take a guided walk and view many plants that are found only in Hawaii, some only found on Molokai, at the 100-acre protected Anapuka Dune Restoration Site. Molokai Land Trust is one of the primary entities on Molokai actively restoring dryland forests and coastal ecosystems. Explore the 1,769 acres of protected conservation lands of Mokio Preserve that few can access. Five miles of extraordinary, rugged coastline, seabird nesting sites, remnant native strand and dune ecosystems, seasonal wetland, ancient Hawaiian sites, including an adze quarry at Pu’u Kaeo – this is the Mokio Preserve.

Archaeological/Cultural Sites include the adze quarry at Pu’u Kaeo, the fishing shrine and seasonal housing complex at Kealapupuakiha, and several other smaller adze and shelter sites throughout the preserve. The extreme rarity of many endemic plants in Hawaii can be attributed to the historic alteration of this natural habitat and competition from invasive weeds and animals. To protect the remaining ecosystems, conservation plans have been implemented to establish new populations, and conserve genetic material.

This is also a coastal birding adventure! The steep oceanside cliffs allow for nesting colonies of many Hawaiian seabirds. It is common to see the Great Frigate bird soaring overhead accompanied by White and Red-Tailed Tropic birds. Your guide will take to locations to view Brown Booby and Black Noddy roosting and feeding from the cliff side. Bring your binoculars for optimal viewing of the native seabird wildlife.


  • Natural and cultural site tour, including rare plant and pollinator habitat.
  • Seabird viewing
  • Ice water to refill personal containers.
  • Amazing photo opportunities.