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Moped Rentals

Quick Details

Daily Rental - 24 Hours
Weekly Rental
Monthly Rental

Cruise Molokai on a moped rental and get different perspective while getting to know our island!

All rental equipment must be returned before 5pm or the renter will be responsible for the equipment until the following business day. Once a rental/contract is signed there is no refund if bought back. The exception to the rule is that based on weather we will refund the difference only if bought back early and according to our cancelation policy


  • Operator of the moped must be 18 years or older
  • Operator of the moped must possess a valid driver’s license
  • Operator of the moped must wear provided helmet and eye protection at all times
  • Only ONE RIDER is allowed on our 50cc mopeds

If booking for less than a week and for multiple days please add each day to the shopping cart that you want the moped. The 24hr rentals are only for 24 hrs