Ocean Kayaking

We have four tours to choose from that range from beginners to advanced. 3-5 mile Sunrise, 3-mile mini-downwinder, 8.5-mile downwinder, and sunset.




Wake up to a spectacular Hawaii sunrise and then drift down to Hotel Molokai

What better than in Hawaii!

8.5 mile Downwinder Kayak or SUP(Sup only avaiable based on tides and group size)

Let the wind blow you down our southern coastline

Private tours available on request

What a way to start the day!

Kayak and SUP Rentals


We have kayaks and SUPs for rent. Minimum 1 day. Please call us or email us for more information

Native owned and operated

Sunrise Kayak or SUP

Take me Back

Do you ever think that when it is windy, it is no fun for kayaking?
We love the wind, so maybe try our downwinder?

We start mid morning around 10 am or mid afternoon around 3pm based on tides and of course the wind!

Molokai has the longest fringing reef and we will take you on our world famous course of the Molokai Holokai that happens every July.

3-5 Mile Mini Downwinder


We have the mini 3-mile downwinder perfect for kids and beginners. Fun and fast when the wind blows!

Native owned and operated

Sunset Kayak


Molokai has some spectacular sunsets during the winter months, so what better than to finish the day on the ocean while watching the setting sun. We do this for both Kayak and SUP, but SUP is very dependant on the tides. A leisurely 3-mile paddle as we drift and in no rush to be anywhere!

Our sunsets are spectacular during the winter months. We run this tour from Sept through March.