Ocean Kayaking

We have four tours to choose from that range from beginners to advanced.

You can try a little bit of everything and get discounted rates on 2nd and 3rd tours. Each one is different w

Beginners and families

If you have never kayaked try these options out:
  • 1-2 mile beginner course with a sunrise or sunset option
  • 3-mile mini-downwinder

Intermediate and Families

Check out these options:
  • 2-5 mile Sunrise/Sunset
  • 3-mile mini-downwinder

Intermediate to Advanced

For the advanced or FIT Intermediate we have the ultimate world famous Molokai Holokai course

  • 8.5-mile downwinder
  • 2-5 mile Sunrise/Sunset


The booking goes to our live booking portal with hawaiifun.org where you can check out our other activities. You can also see what our statewide activity partners are doing on the other islands.

What a way to start the day with our sunrise tours!



Wake up to a spectacular Hawaii sunrise and then drift down to Hotel Molokai. This is a 3-5 mile trip and good for the intermediate to advanced or the fit beginner. ******** we have a 1-2 mile beginner option and 3-5 mile intermediate to advanced option******

What better than in Hawaii!

Check out of World Famous course of the Molokai Holokai held every year in July.

Glide over our spectacular longest fringing reef in the US.

We also have a mini 3 mile course for those that want a short and fast version of our downwind course.

We go with the wind, blowing you down the coast.
Do you ever think that when it is windy, it is no fun for kayaking?
We love the wind, so maybe try our downwinder?

We start mid morning around 10 am or mid afternoon around 3pm based on tides and of course the wind!

Molokai has the longest fringing reef and we will take you on our world famous course of the Molokai Holokai that happens every July.

8.5 mile Downwinder Kayak or SUP(SUP only avaiable based on tides and group size)

Let the wind blow you down our southern coastline

Private tours available on request

3-5 Mile Mini Downwinder


We have the mini 3-mile downwinder perfect for kids and beginners. Fun and fast when the wind blows!

Native owned and operated

What about finishing the day and watch the setting sun from the ocean?

Open from Sept thru March

Sunset Kayak


Molokai has some spectacular sunsets during the winter months, so what better than to finish the day on the ocean while watching the setting sun. We do this for both Kayak and SUP, but SUP is very dependant on the tides. A leisurely 3-mile paddle as we drift and in no rush to be anywhere!

Our sunsets are spectacular during the winter months. We run this tour from Sept through March.

If you just want to rent, you can rent by the day or hour

Hotel Molokai - hourly and day rentals available
Molokai Shores - Day rentals
Beach Homes - Day Rentals
Find your beach spot - Day rentals ( we need to know where you will be launching from and your experience.

Bear in mind our trade winds and safety is our priority.
Delivery options are available at additional cost
We supply racks, straps, paddles, seats, leashes and lifejackets

Kayak, SUP and snorkel Rentals


We are starting to post online for live inventory. Call us if you do not see what you want

Native owned and operated